The season will be 12 weeks long with one opposing team assigned every week on Wednesdays. You will have a  week to schedule for your match where players on your current roster will play. Following the main season, teams will be seeded into playoff brackets!

Matches are played as a best of three, with three points distributed between the teams for each game. A 2-0 win will result in three points being allocated to the winning team. A 2-1 win will result in the points being allocated in the same ratio to the winning and losing team respectively.

Due date is Tuesday with matches being assigned on Wednesdays. We will not be tracking you down to complete matches. If you have to wait until Wednesday, put into the match details of the time of the match.  We will be assigning a score of 0 for all teams not completed by Tuesday if not notified about completion on Wednesday.

  • 3 people are allowed on a team as of now.
  • 2 second respawns
  • First to 25 points or time limit of 20 minutes, whichever comes first.
  • Please use bball.tf servers for matches.  If there are not enough, let me know.

bball.tf servers run our own whitelist, hosted by whitelist.tf.

To use this whitelist on your TFTrue server, run the command:

tftrue_whitelist_id bballtf


All bball.tf servers have fastdl enabled and run the map 24/7.

The map can also be downloaded here.

Map credits go to Exile


Rules are simple. Do not sit on the rim or backboard.

If there is an infraction, submit demo to Damon and we will review. 


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